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Inspired by Fashion Toast Rumi Neely

car5.jpgcar1.jpgrumicar2.jpgSome shots driving into the city from JFK. We've been in New York for a few days now, I know...light years have passed but I've had some laptop issues, sorry!! After checking in at the Soho Grand, it was straight to a dinner at Hotel Griffou hosted by Coach, where Karla and I finally met and shared most flavors of desserts worth sharing. So much to post as soon as I get some time...so far it's been the BCBG show, Pastis, Topshop, Fashion's Night Out at Coach and Barney's before Opening Ceremony, random party after random party, pizza in hotel rooms, a fitting for Hervé Léger, wandering around Chinatown, using platforms against puddles, cheap sushi, expensive coffee, a long catching up with Kristin, and the Erin Wasson x RVCA show.


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