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Fashion Toast Rumi Neely's Personal Jewelry

  • rumi IMG_0641.jpgthe studded/stackable rings are from Forever 21..bought last winter I think?
  • the knuckle ring and cross earrings are Elizabeth and James, absolute staples
  • the blue shield ring I bought at a ramshackle store on the PCH
  • the watch (I use the term loosely since I haven't actually taken it to someone who can make it functional since buying it) is vintage..probably the only watch I've ever liked in my life, I'm largely uninterested in knowing what time it is
  • the interlocking/woven-look ring is on semi-permanent borrow from my beloved Kristin
  • and since I'm morbidly addicted to the stuff, here's what I'm contemplating right now: free people crystal palace ring + pamela love cross ring + iosselliani feather cuff

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