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DIY Project = The Body Chain


So i finally finished my diy body chain…inspired by both “bliss lau” and “erin wasson’s low-luv” respective collections, i set out to make my own…the result reads “part-time knight at medieval times, goes to the renaissance faire”…(i’m kinda’ feeling it!? )

I made this project a lot harder than it needed to be, as i wove “mini chain” thru the “medium chain”, as i wanted a traditional medieval chainmail effect.  You could skip that step, and save yourself about 4 hours.  total project was about 5 hours, but could be as little as 1 hour, should you skip the weaving…

Start with:

  • medium chain (x2) lengths of 42″ chain (84″ total)
  • (optional) mini chain (x2) lengths of 52″ chain (104″ total)
  • large chain (4″) for front horizontal drop
  • large chain (6″) for front vertical back connecting chain
  • (x1) package of “O” rings- use for connecting chain
  • small pliers
  • sharp scissors or cable cutting pliers (lineman’s pliers)

Weave mini chain thru medium chain (optional), cut lengths as advised above.  use “O” rings to secure mini chain, within medium chain.  Trim excess mini chain, after secured with “O” rings.  drape the chain on yourself in a mirror, and play with the placement.  Secure chain w/ “O” rings.  You can also open he chain, and close with pliers, for a more “finished/ professional” effect, if you have the right tools.

Good luck !

valerie x bleachblack.com

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