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Obsessed with Spikes = A DIY Project inspired by Bleach Black



DIY Project = The chain-link headpiece

chainheadressfront-thumb-150x200.jpgchainheadressback-thumb-150x224.jpgAt the risk of looking like a dungeons & dragons maiden, I've crafted this chain-link headpiece, sure to be the envy of my next (first?) Renaissance Fair.

Start with:
(x1) Medium chain
(x1) Larger link chain
(x1) Smaller link chain
(x1) Pliers

Measure the perimeter of your head (top of forehead to lower back head).  Mine is (22") total (my head is MASSIVE, by the way). Use (x1) medium chain.

Measure the same amount, i.e.: (22"). Use (x1) larger link chain.

Measure the distance from center top of forehead, to lower back head. Mine measures (13.5"). This piece will lay along your center hair part, linking the center front of the medium chain, to the center back of the medium chain. Using your pliers, open the links, hook together, and secure them closed with pliers.

Affix your (x1) larger link chain, at the center front. Using your pliers, open the links, hook together, and secure them closed with the pliers. This piece is not connected at the center back, so it just drapes loosely. The center front should link all (x3) sizes of chain together.


DIY Project = The Havaianastud


With summer quickly approaching, and kristin and i beyond bored with re-hashed gladiator sandal offerings, i’ve reverted to my trusty havianas and attacked said flip flops, with…you guessed it…studs!

start with:

(x1) crop-a-dile hole punch set

(x4) mini hex spikes, (x8) medium hex spikes, (x2) large hex spikes (all via studs and spikes)

(x1) flathead screwdriver

(x1) pair of havianas sandals

use your crop-a-dile to punch holes, spaced (3/4″) apart.  place large hex spike at toe center point of strap.  use flathead screwdriver to twist male end of screw, to secure.  repeat again, with (x3) holes on either side of strap, working from larger studs at center of strap, to smaller studs at end of strap.

enjoy !

x valerie